You Are A Badger – An Internet Marketing Badger

Hmmm – strange title, eh?

Well something I saw today made me think – and unfortunately not a good thing.

Driving back from another meeting, I was listening to a podcast about business, and the importance of planning (referencing Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits and the “Start with the end in mind” habit particularly) when I noticed and unfortunate badger laying prone at the side of the road.

He (I am assuming it was a male badger), had been there probably less than a day, but by his motionless body, and the fact that it was daylight, I could only presume one thing.

He was dead.

See I told you it wasn’t a good story.

However it did make me think of how life actually happens, for all animals, and more importantly, for us humans. Mr Badger was probably out last night looking for food, and just veered into the oncoming path of a vehicle. Generally speaking, we don’t have to face such trepidation and encounter such a desperate end. But we do have to make decisions and decide on what path to take.

One thing is for certain (and I have to thank another internet marketer for making me think of this) and that is we will all end up suffering the same fate as that badger, albeit hopefully a little more peacefully.

Sorry to sound morbid but…

We will all end up in a box.

What Has This Got To Do With Internet Marketing?

Well, our life is very short in duration – and it is important that we make plans and then take steps to achieving the goals that we set ourselves. We never know what is around the corner and if we spend too much time doing things that don’t create income, or a bigger business, we are not going to be successful.

Just think about how much time you spend on Facebook? If you stayed off Facebook for a week, think of how much time you would be able to spend doing other things.

And it doesn’t have to be used to build your business. Let me explain.

Assume you spend an hour a day checking out Facebook and other Social Media. So this is seven hours of time you could use elsewhere. Now assume that you go for a 5km run, three times a week (each time could take around 30 mins), listen to three, 30 minute podcasts each week and spend the remaining two hours at the gym.

Now you have an additional 90 minute of business training, plus you are getting fitter – and all by using time that you currently “waste” on non-life profit making ventures. Imagine if you did this exercise on everything you do – how much time can you save.

What would you achieve if you got up an hour earlier every day?

Could you listen to a business podcast on your commute?

Is it possible to have one day a month without technology and read a book?

All of these things will enrich your life and equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to be more successful.

In Summary

So we cannot stop the inevitable – we will all reach the same fate as the badgers. However we can make better use of the time we have until that day and we should be using it a lot more effectively than a lot of us are doing right now.

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