Why an Ostrich Will Kill Your Business

Depending on who you listen to, admire, respect or take guidance from their answer to the question “What one thing will kill your business?” may be different. Responses may include poor customer service, low sales, bad PR or even lack of product availability – but to me it is a long way before this.

Without trying to over-psychoanalyse how business works, prior to any of the above being an issue which affects a business’ ability to succeed and thrive, one thing stands head and shoulders above everything else.

I call it the “Ostrich Mentality.”

Simply put this is the ability and more so the decision to do nothing. To hide. To walk away from issues rather than facing them head on.

It is the method of ignorance – hoping that whatever challenge the business faces will either (a) be fixed by someone, or something else, (b) disappear back from whence it came or (c) not really be there.

Sorry folks – none of these ever happen. You need to take control…NOW!

Take internet marketing for instance. The process of creating a product to sell online. Now this, like many company/customer transactions is a simple workflow:

We start with a product being created to fix or support a pain point in the marketplace. An issue felt by a customer base, or an improvement to an individual’s personal or professional performance.

Then there is the marketplace where this product is made visible and sold from.

Next comes the marketing to raise awareness of the products existence.

Potentially there is a need to engage with partners to help drive potential customers towards the marketing (and eventually a purchase)

Finally there is the delivery and servicing of that customer. This engagement may be a one-off hit, or potentially an ongoing amount of support and guidance for a period of time – and this could lead to more sales from that one customer.

On each of these steps, there is an action for the individual to take: product creation, website (or selling site) build, marketing, and customer interaction.

Now the Ostrich, with his head in the sand (could be a her – I was never good with bird gender definition!) takes the decision, for whatever reason to not complete one or more of these stages – and this means that the business will fail.

100% of the time.

Ignoring product creation stalls the process from the start. Not having a location to sell from stops people from being able to buy. Not offering a compelling message and reason to purchase inhibits sales. Not delivering or providing poor customer service stops customers buy, or coming back to buy again.

These all inhibit business growth.

So taking no action, and being an Ostrich is the quickest way to business failure.

Don’t be an Ostrich.

Speak soon.


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