Using PLR as your Information Marketing Product Base

In the last post I explained how creating a product and therefore your own business is a fantastic way to take control of your own life, and I also went a little further to explain how not only that a few people actually take the leap to do this, but also that there is a way of doing it without “getting your hands too dirty” – at a cost.

In this post, we will look at another way of information product creation, and that is a simple case of DIY (do it yourself)!

Now don’t be scared and think that all of a sudden you won’t be able to do it because you are not J.K. Rowling, or have the ability to string a few sentences together as whilst you can take the route of creating an entire product from the ground up, there is another way.

I recently asked create a survey and got people (just over a thousand of them) who were interested in information marketing whether they have started creating products and if so, how long they have spent creating their latest (or last, or only) one. The findings were quite extraordinary but not something I wasn’t expecting.

More than a year – 45%

6 – 12 months – 28%

3 – 6 months – 11%

1 – 3 months – 6%

Less than 1 month – 10%

Now this is quite shocking. Information products generally sell in the region of $7 – $97 (yes there are upsells, and some products actually sell for more than $2,000) and nearly half of the people who responded to the survey have spent over a year trying to create product. This is shocking!

Now that may make you feel better, in that you are not alone, or shock you as to how anyone can wait that long from idea to end result. Nearly three quarters of those who completed the survey had spent more than six months creating their information product – this is madness!

So How Do You Create An Information Product Quickly?

Well, there are two solutions – a quick one, and an even quicker one. However as each person works at their own speed the two options below, although a lot less costly than hiring experts will take some time, but with the latter solution, will reduce the impact on you.

Firstly you can create the product yourself. Using your knowledge and research, find a niche that has a problem that you can solve, build the solution, put it online and start getting customers. This option does mean workload for you, in terms of finding the niche, scoping the sector, identifying the problems and potential solutions and then creating the product to do this. But this will probably be cheaper than using third parties (takes some time though).

The alternative is to do the research into the niche that interests you, as you would above, and then search online for some high quality Private Label Rights (PLR) products within the niche. Now providing that the end result that you create delivers a solution and is of a high quality, there is no issue in using PLR material as the base of you product.

PLR products are completed, packaged products that have already been created, and potentially come with websites, sales copy and email messages that you can use to engage with both potential and new customers. It exists to work as a base for product creators to use as a starting point.

Note: Taking a PLR product and trying to sell it as it is, is not only against the license of the product, but will also be unsuccessful, as the PLR material is probably being sold by many others at the same time.

How to Use PLR material

The best way to use PLR material is to read through its content and find out what works within it, and what you feel could be improved. By adding your content into the PLR product, editing it throughout, you are creating your very own product but in less time than creating from scratch.

With PLR material, you normally can put your name as the sole author (or your company as the creator) and can modify/edit the entire content, imagery and package – and change the name. The true benefit is that with good quality PLR material, you save yourself from spending lots of time researching a subject – as the baseline is already there.

I have seen individuals convert a PLR product into a new product in less than an hour before. Now imagine that – within 60 minutes you have acquired some good quality PLR material, edited it, changed its name and put it online on your website – ready to drive new customers to it?

Speak soon.


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