Starting a Business in 24 Hours?

As I have mentioned before, I am looking at setting up a business as a secondary earning potential in the short term and to build that up to replace my current role, working for “The Man” (a corporation).

But being able to get a business off the ground when the day job takes up so much time is hard unless you have countless pots of cash to spend on getting others to set it up for you. However if this was the case you wouldn’t need a second income as you have “pots of cash!”

However I found something last night which is definitely going to be the start of something big – and like most things it was under my nose pretty much all along.

Let me explain.

A few years ago I joined a mentor programme with an internet marketing expert and paid around £2k to be walked through a week by week plan designed to drive my business from 0-60 in manageable steps. And I would have to say the programme was fantastic – I would advocate it to anyone looking to start up to read up on the Partnership to Success programme by John Thornhill.

However I failed because I didn’t give it the time or focus it deserved. No excuses.

I made it difficult for my self to follow the programme by putting up obstacles, that, if I had been focused, would not have mattered.


The mentor and I have stayed in touch, albeit from afar (Facebook friends in the main) and I am on his list for the regular, high quality products he releases or acts as an affiliate for.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I hear from a different person (again someone in the IM industry and again, another Facebook friend) that he, and said mentor are releasing a product that sounds interesting. I read the email with a twinge of excitement as it appeared to be different to others being released recently and thought no more about it.

Yesterday I got another email from a third IM Facebook friend (and another big-hitter) with an amazing bonus opportunity – buy the product through his link (so he gets the commission with no increase in price to me) and he will give we a series of bonuses that work alongside the main product.

Sounded very interesting.

So I am getting a product and a load of bonuses for what turned out to be about £8 (would have been less if the pound was stronger against the dollar but hey ho). Now I spend more on books a week than £8 so therefore this was a no-brainer.

The product is Digital Profit Master by John Thornhill (the mentor) and Dan Sumner (the co-creator).

The bonus came from Omar Martin (the Big-Hitter).

So what has this got to do with having a business in 24 hours?


The upsell of the product (i.e. the offer you see once you purchase the first product) is basically access to edit the product and repurpose as your own. This means I can edit it, change the name, colour scheme, add some extras etc and then sell as mine.

But….I’m not going to do that. Well not at first.

The upsell basically gives you the bare bones blueprint of how to set a product up with all of the steps included. So by editing the content and using as a blueprint I can create products in various categories fairly quickly.

Now if only I had some products to use to create these new sales streams.

Enter Omar’s bonuses which include various PLR material products in numerous IM and non-IM sectors.

So now I have high quality products that I can edit and call my own (plus all of the other PLR material I own) and the complete blueprint to create a new product, over and over again.

So I now have a business potential of limitless products, created at speed and live quickly.

And the actual cost to me? About £38 ($46).

Now don’t tell me you can’t create a business in 24 hours and for limited cost.

Speak soon


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