Do You Have To Spend To Get Customers?

It’s an interesting thought that you can actually create a product or business for little or no cost and if you have seen the numerous sites offering the opportunity to be part of the industry where money can be made out of thin air, you’d think that it was a fact.

However the truth is not exactly this.

Yes you can create a product for free. But the challenge is the other end of the process and getting someone to buy it.

A business exists and thrives on customers visiting them and buying their products – if we can create products we have covered the first half of that relationship. However we still need to put the product in a position for the customer to see. And this means that we either have to take the product to the customer or bring the customer to the product.

Within internet marketing the key to a successful business is the customer list that you have. Should you have 1.000 people on your list you already have these potential customers. Plus there are affiliates and partners who can help. But if you don’t have a list – you need to get one, and it is here that whichever route you take it is going to cost you something.

There are really two options of building a list quickly – and the paid options will be the optimum way of constructing an army of your own customers.

Let’s look at the free options first.

You have a product and you need to increase awareness and that means marketing it though social media, blogs, reviews and SEO/backlinking. To do this means either you have to pay someone to help or use paid portals – or, as we are looking at free options, is to do it yourself.

And this cost is in your time.

Spending ten hours writing articles and blog posts, adding comments to social media and tweaking your website SEO will mean little or zero investment but will take a longer period of time to grow the list.

So you have a cost albeit not potentially something that you have to find the cash for.

But if you look at the other options you can build a list quickly, and potentially without a huge investment. For instance, creating a product and then having affiliates sell it for you means you have a cost, but this comes from the sales of the product. The fact that affiliates will earn (you are in effect paying them for access to their list) means that they will be willing to help you, for a fee. The more the fee they will receive the more focus they will give you – imagine selling a product for $27 and giving away 100% of the revenue to the affiliate – how hard would they work to help you? I can tell you it will be a lot.

So to build your list and get customers you are going to have to spend, either in your time or in paying others for their help. The latter is nearly always the best option as once you have that list you can start optimising it.

Remember that above all….

“The money really is in the list.”

Speak soon


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