Can You Make A Living Blogging?

As you can imagine I have spent a long while working out where to start my online adventure and having looked at all of the options about creating a sustainable income in the quickest and most efficient manner I have come to one conclusion.

Blogging is not going to make anyone rich.
Well, not in a reasonable amount of time. There are some individuals who are making a good income from their blogging however the majority of this income comes from affiliate revenue (promotions, JVs and website advertising) or actual product sales.
The blog is the hub of their interaction with their customer base (their list) and a way of hooking new site visitors into becoming another person on their list, but its main purpose is a communication tool.

It has a value as a way of talking to readers, both new and old, about your products; your brand; your thoughts; you.

But it is not going to earn you income immediately. Even if you pick the hottest niche in the market. However you should still have one as it builds your presence online.

Think about this site.

It is created as a way for me to talk to you about my thoughts about creating my online business. Within this site there will be links to products that I am an affiliate for, some of my own products (which are there to be bought), a number of links to free guides that I have written on specific areas of online business. But I am using this just to communicate my thoughts to you on a regular basis.

My earning potential is going to be based on my own products which will be on their own sites. The theory is that you are sent to that product site, review the product against your needs and then purchase. It could be that you never link that product to me (I hope you do as this site is going to be great!) but if you don’t you will still be (a) investing money in your own development with me and (b) being added to my list so I can continue to talk to you about other opportunities.

This blog does give you a way of seeing who I really am and get to know more about me.

This gives you the ability to gain more trust in me (I’m a really nice guy by the way!) and maybe pick up more “free” information but isn’t going to accelerate my earnings as quick as having traffic being sent directly to the sales page of a product I have produced and am selling.

So have a blog but focus on products to sell.

Hopefully this all makes sense?

Speak soon


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